Welcome to the audio page! This is the place where you can listen to some of music I’ve done or been involved with. There’s a collection of different things and styles so I hope you’ll find something that you like.



Hot Wired – Brent Mason

This is my version of the Brent Mason’s tune “Hot Wired”. Brent has been a huge influence on the way I play guitar. Not many guitarists have had the impact on me. You should definitely check him out!

A few years ago he heard this version and really liked it so he decided to leave a comment on the page I had on MySpace.

OK Dario…I’ve decided you are not allowed to play “Hot Wired” anymore.. You play it too good!!!! Wonderful playing :) Brent Mason



Me with Brett Garsed

Grazed – Dario Cortese

In 2008 I was hired by Guitar Techniques to interview Brett Garsed and do a series of articles about his style. This file is the music for the DVD interface that worked as a opening for Brett’s video interview. Why is called Grazed? Well… I’m not really good with songs names so I asked Jason Sidwell (Music Editor for Guitar Techniques) and he suggested “Grazed” which I thought was cool!

I also had the pleasure to play with Brett and enjoy his fantastic musical talent. Brett is a great guy and guitar player, check him out.

Hey Dario! Great playing on these tracks mate! It was a great pleasure to jam with you and the other great teachers from the Institute! Brett Garsed


Tenor Madness – Sonny Rollins
Love To Love You – Dave Marks
Three Step Boogie – Dave Marks
Albert Lee/Brad Paisley/Brent Mason





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