GT Transcriptions

In this page you’ll find the audio for the transcriptions I did for Guitar Techniques. Unfortunately I’m not allowed to put the actual transcriptions on the website. I can only post the audio I did: full band and the backing track.

Guitar Techniques 129

GT129: All Your Love – Bluesbreakers

In June 2006 Guitar Techniques hired me to transcribed and record “All Your Love” from the Beano album of John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers with Eric Clapton. Here’s my attempt to reproduce the magic of that album.




Guitar Techniques 131

GT131: Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana

In July 2006, GT asked me to cover the Nirvana song “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. My work with GT was getting more and more intense…




Guitar Techniques 135

GT135: D/FW – Vaughan Brothers

In November 2006 I was asked to work on D/FW of the late SRV for the instrument issue. SRV has been one of my heroes so I really tried my best.




Guitar Techniques 150

GT150: Cannonball Shuffle – Robben Ford

In October 2008 I got the call to do Robben Ford’s Cannonball Shuffle. I’ve always been a huge fun of the unique way Robben hits the strings and phrases his thoughts. What a guitarist!




Guitar Techniques 155

GT155: Me Neither – Brad Paisley

I did this recording for Guitar Techniques in September 2009. Brad Paisley is one of my favorite country guitarists so I was very happy to be asked to do this.




Guitar Techniques 171

GT171: Jerry’s Breakdown – Jerry Reed

In July 2009 Guitar Techniques asked me to transcribed and record the famous “Jerry’s Breakdown” by the legendary Jerry Reed. Jerry has been one of my heroes so I very happily accepted the challenge.