Dario Cortese’s Bio


My name is Dario Cortese and I’m an Italian guitarist, teacher and songwriter who relocated to West London in 2005. I recorded albums, TV commercials and demos for many artists, some famous, some not yet! I’ve recorded for Melanie C (Spice Girls), Hayley Westenra, Anna Leddra Chapman, and many others.

During my career I’ve had the pleasure to work with some of the finest musicians all over the world, including Larry Carlton, Brent Mason, Albert Lee, Brett Garsed, Bruce Bouton and many others.


As a live performer I’ve played alongside world-class artists on TV and Radio shows as well as in some of the best venues and festivals in Europe.


As a guitar teacher I have more than 20 years of experience teaching in some of the most prestigious private schools and Universities in Europe. I’ve headlined numerous master classes and courses for various organizations including International Guitar Foundation (IGF) and South West Music School (SWMS)

In Print

I have written several books and hundreds of lessons for Steve Trovato’s Chameleon Music. I worked as a journalist for the some of the best guitar magazines around including Guitar Techniques and Chitarre. I also wrote much of the guitar coursework at the Guitar Institute in London.


I’m very happy to be part of the Music Man Ernie Ball family. They make some really fantastic instruments! Check out the videos I did demoing some of those guitars.

Ernie Ball Music Man

Charlie McVay makes some of the finest benders in the world. He’s a very meticulous and hard working man and this shows in the quality of his work.

McVay Benders

Brian Wampler makes fantastic hand made pedals. The tone he gets out of them is simply incredible!

Wampler Pedals

I’ve been using Cordial cables for 5 years now and I really like them. I use them as instrument cable and from the pedal board to the amp. When I compare Cordial with other cables I noticed that they do ‘something’ to the sound. Don’t know exactly what but I like it a lot!

Cordial Cables

Outside Music

Outside work my hobbies include working out in the gym or outdoors, nutrition, learning new instruments (ok, that’s music… sorry!), hiking, photography, reading, MotoGP, and my very much loved cat Toky who is now 19 years old!.

This is a picture of him taken around 2010 in my mum’s house. Toky doesn’t really likes to pose for pictures but I managed to get a nice shot.