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Music Man Videos

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European Website

These are the videos I did for the European website of Music Man Ernie Ball. We spent a day down in the south of England shooting the video with a great crew. As usual I had a wonderful time working with this people. I hope you’ll find something that you like.

Steve Morse

This guitar is incredibly versatile and has a great playability. You might wanna spend a bit of time getting to know all the different controls and tone combinations you can get.

Albert Lee BFR

Personally I’m not a huge fan of the look of this guitar but boy it sounds nice! I think it sounds quite incredible with both distortion and clean but listen to the video and see what you think. I hope you enjoy my ‘All The Things You Are’…

Axis SuperSport

I have an Axis SuperSport and the reason is that I think it’s a very versatile instrument with a great feel. I used it on a lot of sessions because has so many different sounds that you can always get the ‘job’ done!

Axis SuperSport MM90

When I play this guitar for the video I was incredibly impressed with it. I never played one of this before but I couldn’t take my hands off this one! It has a very ‘traditional’ vibe attached.. hard to explain. Probably that’s why ‘Lullay of Birdland’ came out!

Albert Lee

I have one of this.. you’ll see it on other videos. I just love lots of different tones in this guitar…especially the neck pick up and the out-of-phase sounds.. absolutely awesome.

Axis SuperSport BFR

Family Reserved have better woods and finish.. I think in this video you should hear how versatile this guitar is. From Texas Blues to jazz to country to fusion… that’s enough for me!