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This is the place where you can write me. Because I get a crazy amount of emails every day I thought I’d answer some of the most frequently asked questions here to save us both some time.

Where did you find your backing track?? Where can I buy it? Where can I download it?

I make all the backing tracks and all the audio files on my website. All of it. I program some instruments and play live some others. Because these are not my songs I am not allow to sell them or give them away. Anyway, they are here on the website for free so you can use them anytime you want!

What does F.A.Q. mean??

Frequently Asked Questions :)

What do I get for each lesson?

The content varies depending on the lesson. Normally when you buy a lesson you’ll get a:


This Zip file contains:

  1. PDF
    • Text
    • Written Music (notation & tablature)
  2. MP3s
    • Full Band
    • Backing Tracks

This is in MOST cases. Sometimes there’s no backing track, sometimes there’s a video instead of the Full Band… it depends on the article. If you’re not sure and are really concerned about your purchase then please contact me through the contact form. I’ll tell you exactly what you’re gonna get. :)

Are all the lessons exactly the same?

No. Some lessons are longer than others. Some lessons have many examples, some have only 1 or 2. Sometimes the examples are short; sometimes they are long.

GT132 is a free lesson but if you wanna download the files, text & music you can have it for £1.99 which is a pound more than most of the other lessons.

Why? It’s 10 times longer and I thought that paying twice as much money is kinda fair!


In many cases, GT asked me to tailor articles for a particular level of ability (beginner, intermediate, advanced) and to limit the articles to a certain number of words, bars and minutes of audio material.For instance for the Session Secrets series I had the idea to do a series on studio work, effects, etc and they told me which artists to cover.

Sometimes people ask me why didn’t I do a transcription of this or that. Well… unluckily you don’t really get to choose these things when you work for a magazine.

What happens after you pay?

PayPal should give you a link to download all the files you’ve purchased. It’s a small link and it’s quite easy to miss it! I didn’t see it the first time I purchased through my website (sad isn’t it??).

Anyways… It’s there… just look for it and you’ll find it. If you miss it, don’t panic! You’ll receive within few minutes a confirmation email with all the links to download your items.

What happens if you’re not happy with the lesson you bought?

Just write me and I’ll try to make it right.

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