Basic of the 5 String Banjo

How to Tune a 5 String Banjo

The 5-string banjo is used mainly in Bluegrass and American music. It’s quite common to use a few different tunings on it but the standard one is described below.

The pictures should help you understand how to tune each string.

And here’s how it looks on paper.

What strings shall I buy?

There are a few different makers out there as for any other instruments. I quite like this D’Addarios strings but probably it’s just because the name reminds of something…

D’Addario: 5 String Banjo J61

I quite like having 10s on the banjo as the tone sounds slightly more ‘defined’.

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My Very First Chords

Below you’ll find the very first shapes you need to know to find your way around the instrument.

In the BLANK PAPER section you’ll find blank diagrams, tablature, etc.. for Mandolin. It’s all free.

Recommended books?

Banjo Method Book 1

If you’ve never touched a 5 string Banjo and want a very basic book to start with try this!

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