Charango Lessons


How to Tune a Charango

The Charango is small string instrument typical of Bolivia, Chile and other parts of South America. It has five double courses (five pairs).

One of the characteristic of the Charango tuning is that one of E (highlighted in pink in the picture) is tuned one octave lower than its pair. This means that the lowest note is right in the middle of the string set!

The pictures below should help you understand how to tune each string.

And here’s how it looks on paper.

What strings shall I buy?

There are only a few options when it comes to Charango strings. If you don’t where to start or where to find them just follow the link below.

Aquila: Medium

I used nylon strings on the Charango and this set seems to do the job. Normally they are black which is kinda cool.

Buy at

Buy at couldn’t find it.

My Very First Chords

Below you’ll find the very first shapes you need to know to find your way around the instrument.

In the BLANK PAPER section you’ll find blank diagrams, tablature, etc.. for Charango. It’s all free.

Recommended books?

Duran/Pedrotti: Charango Method

If you wanna learn Charango this is it. You’ve got everything you need. This is one the best books I ever come across. Absolutely fantastic! My favorite instructional book.

Buy at

Buy at