Skype Lesson

Skype Lesson

Hi welcome to the Skype lesson page! This page is to give you all the information regarding Skype lessons and for booking a Skype lesson with me.

What do you need for a Skype lesson?

All you need is just a computer, a video camera, a microphone and an internet connection. Most computers nowadays have a camera and microphone already built in. I use a Mac Book Pro which has a great video and audio quality.

Click to download Skype

Where can I get Skype?

On the web site you will find all the information regarding setting up the audio/video and how to find ‘friends’ (in this case me!). It’s very very easy but drop me a line if you get stuck. Just keep in mind that I’m not a tech guy.. I’m just a guitarist!!

How can you find me?

You need to add me to your list of friends. My Skype name is Dario Cortese Private Lessons (you can write this in anyway you want… with or without capital letters, with or without spaces.. it will find me anyway!). Just click on “Contacts”, then “Add a Contact” and put my name where it says “Enter the Skype Name…”.

That’s it! You’ve just added me! I will have to accept your request which is something that I’ll do the next time I’ll be online. Just don’t expect it to happen straight away unless I’m online.

The icon close to my name will become green every time I’m online. Please consider that if I’m online I’m probably teaching so don’t write me messages or try to call me. It will disrupt somebody else’s lesson! Just email me!

Skype Test

Most people are concerned about the audio/video quality of the Skype lessons. We will do a Skype test before you book a lesson so you know what’s gonna be like. If you are happy with the quality you’ll book a lesson, otherwise you won’t! Easy.

How much is a Skype lesson?

A Skype lesson is £58 (which includes 20% VAT and PayPal commission). Please note that it’s British Pounds, not Euros or Dollars!. The lesson is 50 minutes long, it starts at 5 past (10:05, 11:05, etc…) and finishes at 5 to (10:55, 11:55, etc…). I will give you as much time as I can but I don’t want anyone to feel like I am ripping them off and giving them less time that they paid for. It normally takes a few minutes for getting things set up.

At your lesson time

When it is your lesson time I will call you. Just accept my call! :)

Canceling the lesson

You can cancel the lesson 48 hours before at no charge. The full fee is payable if less notice is given. If I need to cancel the lesson we’ll agree another time. (In 22 years of teaching I had to cancel a lesson only once or twice!).

Booking a Skype lesson

Normally we agree on the lesson time and then you do the payment (before the lesson, not after). Below you’ll find the payment button which will take you to PayPal. You don’t need to have a PayPal account… I set it up so you can pay using Credit Cards or PayPal… whatever is easier for you. If you have any problems just drop me a line.

For UK resident: preferred payment option is through bank transfer (PayPal charges me, my bank doesn’t!). I will give you the details privately.

Before the lesson

Get ready everything we might need during the lesson: tuner, capo, picks, slide, spare strings… whatever you think will be necessary. I would also suggest a notebook so you can take personal notes if you feel like it. I normally provide a PDF file with specific things we discussed but taking personal notes is different… you can write things in your ‘own language’! :)

If you’re a doing a one-off lesson I would suggest that you think about your goals as a musician and what would you like to focus on during the lesson. The more you think about it the more you can get out of it!

Hopefully I’ll see you very soon with a guitar in your hands on the other side of the screen!