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DVD 05.07.17 – Country Guitar Techniques DVD

Finally my DVD is out!

This DVD is aimed at the intermediate player who wants to expand their guitar vocabulary of licks and techniques. It explains more than 50 must-know licks that allow you to approach this style in a very authentic and accessible manner. All the licks are written in notation and tablature with fingerings and picking directions.

It was directed by my mate Justin Sandercoe and you can buy it through JustinGuitar.

04.03.13 NEW BOOK Brent Mason Hot Wired Transcription Book
08.01.13 NEW ARTICLE Chitarre 316: Brent Mason Style Solo
05.12.12 NEW ARTICLE Chitarre 315: Brad Paisley Style Solo
09.11.12 NEW ARTICLE Chitarre 314: Jerry Reed Style Solo
05.10.12 NEW ARTICLE Chitarre 313: Albert Lee Style Solo
03.10.12 NEW ARTICLE Chitarre 312: Vince Gill Style Solo
09.06.12 NEW SOLO Summertime Blues by Alan Jackson
27.05.12 NEW LESSON How to play vibrato and bending vibrato
17.05.12 NEW SOLO Liza Jane by Vince Gill
27.04.12 NEW PAGE New Gear page!
27.04.12 NEW PAGE New Magazines page!
7.12.11 Xmas Song A simple arrangement of a Xmas Carol
12.11.11 NEW SONG Jerry’s Breakdown by Jerry Reed
19.09.11 NEW SOLO Sleepin’ On The Foldout by Brad Paisley
10.09.11 NEW LESSON The CAGED System
24.06.11 NEW SOLO Workin’ Man Blues by Merle Haggard
17.06.11 NEW LESSON String Bending (part 3)
11.06.11 NEW SOLO Only Daddy That’ll Walk The Line by Waylon Jennings
03.06.11 NEW LESSON String Bending (part 2)
27.05.11 NEW SOLO Highway 40 Blues by Ricky Skaggs
21.05.11 NEW LESSON B-Bender Guitar
05.05.11 NEW SOLO I Don’t Even Know Your Name by Alan Jackson (Part 3 of 3)
05.05.11 NEW SOLO I Don’t Even Know Your Name by Alan Jackson (Part 2 of 3)
05.05.11 NEW SOLO I Don’t Even Know Your Name by Alan Jackson (Part 1 of 3)
23.04.11 NEW LESSON Banjo Rolls
16.04.11 NEW LESSON Baritone Guitar
11.04.11 NEW SOLO East Bound and Down by Jerry Reed
09.04.11 NEW LESSON String Bending (Part 1)
28.03.11 NEW SOLO Chattahoochee by Alan Jackson (Intro & Solo)
21.03.11 NEW LICK Brent Mason Double Stops
21.03.11 NEW SONG Folsom Prison Blues by Johnny Cash