Music Theory


Major Scale

This is the section dedicated to the almighty Major Scale.

There’s no explanation on how to build the major scale or the theory behind it. If you’re stuck check out these links (major scaleintervals).

What you’ll find here is all the exercises to become more familiar with the major scale in theory, not on the guitar.

When you do these exercises try not to use the guitar. Think/visualize the guitar if you want to but try not to use it. Use your brain instead. 🙂

Major Scale Sheet: use this to build the major scales.

Once you can quite easily build any major scale then test yourself with the following tests.

Just consider that these tests are not about every possibility you’ll ever find in music theory. These tests are based on what you will need to know when dealing with improvisation concepts, chord constructions, substitution, etc…

These papers were part of my daily routine for years. A simple rule that you can set for yourself is to do any one page a week. This seems to be achievable for most of my students. I was a bit mental so I did all four tests everyday.

Level 1: Simple Diatonic Intervals
Level 2: Simple Chromatic Intervals
Level 3: Compound Diatonic Intervals
Level 4: Compound Chromatic Intervals